An alliance between


Vota connects Saber
vote sellers and vote buyers


Delegate and forget

Sellers only need to delegate once. Their votes will be casted each epochs and rewards will be airdropped weekly.


Users keep their veSBR custody while delegating through Vota. Tokens are safu.

Maximized yield

Vota abstracts away the yield maximisation from the users, guaranteeing them the best use of their tokens.


Stable votes

As sellers don't need to delegate each epoch, buyers can expect stable vote amounts, making estimations easier.


Buying liquidity through Vota is often cheaper than doing liquidity mining or buying SBR and locking it for veSBR.

More votes

Simplified vote delegation improves user experience, helping buyers to attract more liquidity to their gauge.

Delegate to Vota now and start maximizing your yield effortlessly